English notice for fanbook project

Hi Golden Bomber's fans!

 As you may know, our beloved band Golden Bomber is going to perform in Europe for the first time in Europe in Paris (France) at Japan Expo!

We’re all really very happy that they come to us! So to show them how grateful we are, we decided to realize a fanbook which we will give to Golden Bomber during Japan Expo.  

                For this project, we wish to gather as many messages, pictures, drawings or anything else which can be put in an album! It's gonna be much more powerful if love messages come from all over the world! So we need your participation! 


You are free to give us anything you want unless you respect this few rules:

-Write your messages in English or Japanese (Of course, legibly, don’t forget that Jun needs glasses)

-Do not try to give them your phone number, mail or any other kind of address. It’s just useless and boring for them.

-Send us pictures of correct quality (for example, don’t take pictures with your webcam)

-If you draw, please make an effort and don’t scribble.

-Do not be too much pervert… (but we're tolerant, it’s Golden Bomber and they are perv)

-Be creative and have fun!


To participate you can send us your contribution by email at this address: gogoldenbomber@gmail.com until the 25th June.

Or if you prefer sending it by post office, please ask us the address by mail. (if you choose this method, please be sure to send it before the 20th June)



Please share this project with every GB fans you know! (Or you'll be haunted by Gachapin for the rest of you life!)



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